Fufu and Greens

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

Ashley sent me a recipe from Made Just Right yesterday that was a dish from Kenya.  Being that my husband is from Africa (though he is from the West and not East), I jumped at the opportunity to make something different.  The recipe by Healthy Voyager seemed easy enough: a simple corn meal “mush” and some veggies, how hard could it be?

It was extremely simple and kind of fun to make but I have to say, I wasn’t thrilled about the taste.  The corn or “Ugali” is very bland and it’s a little strange to eat mush with vegetables (that are a bit watery).  The butter on top didn’t do much to make it taste better either.  If you put too much salt it tastes disgusting (so be careful).

"Ugali or Fufu" Before my husband got ahold of it and made it look prettier

Greens or "Sukuma Wiki"

My sister in law mentioned that she had the same thing before in Liberia but it was made out of Casava flour and it was called “Fufu”.  She wasn’t a big fan even living in Liberia so she opted out.  My husband, on the other hand, was a real trooper.  He actually started teaching me how to make the corn “fufu” the way that they make it in Liberia.  His eyes glazed over and he got that far-off look as he reminisced about how people cooked all the time in Liberia (poor thing had no idea when he married me that he’d be marrying an “experimental” chef vs. a “good” chef).

Anyway, apparently you cook the fufu by constantly smooshing it and rolling it around with a fork or spoon in the pot till the pot has a nice layer of crust and the rest of the fufu is a nice smooshy ball.

In the end, he ate it but asked me to throw the rest away because it was just not his cup of tea (I couldn’t even finish mine).  No offense to any Kenyans, I think it’s just an acquired taste.


I think this recipe is certainly worth trying, you may like it anyway.  It was fun to eat with your hands and the greens weren’t bad, it was just a very strange combination for me personally.

For more information on the original recipe and origins of it, etc., please go to the below sites.




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