Veganizing Family Recipes

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

When I got married, 8 1/2 loooong years ago, my mother sent out recipe cards to my aunts, grandma and cousins so I could have recipes to start out with in my married life.  They all sent them back to my mom and she put them in a cute little recipe box as a gift on my wedding day.

I’ve come to treasure those recipes as THE BEST gift from my wedding.  Even more so now that both aunts and my grandmother are no longer with us.  Most of the recipes are really rich, down home cooking (Paula Dean style) such as Aunt Pat’s Texas cookies which are to DIE for.  There are some strange combinations as well and I may never get to them but I have decided to keep their memory alive by doing one recipe each week (or every other week) from the “ancestral” hall of fame.  I can’t promise you that I’ll be perfect because I’m the type that has great epiphanies and then has a hard time following through – but I will do my best.

Of course, these recipes are not vegan in any way so I will be veganizing them so that you can enjoy them too!  Hopefully, they are all smiling down on me and not irked that I’m using vegan butter and almond milk or seitan and tofu ;0  If anything, I hope they are reading this and realize that I treasure all the little gifts they left behind.

The first recipe will be coming later this week……



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