Easy Peasy Vegan Mushroom and Cheese Sandwich

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

On Sunday, I was out with some friends for lunch at this place called “The Village Tavern” in Pembroke Pines and had the most amazing Mushroom Sandwich ever.  I have been salivating over that sandwich since then.  So last night, I went home and made my own.  This time it was vegan!

For the bread, I bought the sprouted grain Ezekiel bread because I wanted this to be a healthy choice.  For the mushrooms, I stir fried them in olive oil with onion, salt and pepper (and a bit of white wine if you prefer).  After they were nice and sauteed, I added the mushrooms, some Daiya Mozzarella and a bit of avocado to my previously toasted bread.  Then pressed it in the George Foreman to help the cheese melt and Voila!  The perfect sandwich.

I noticed something weird after eating the sandwich though, I think I might have an allergy to mushrooms!  The back of my throat was all tingly and I started sneezing (this can’t be happening to me!).  I’m going to try it again with mushrooms on their own and see if it’s that or maybe something else.  Does anyone else get tingly after eating mushrooms?






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