The Morgan’s Restaurant Brunch

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

In searching for a great “brunch” option for my friend Naomy’s Saturday Birthday party, I came across a restaurant called “The Morgan’s”.  The Morgan’s Restaurant on the beach is a very “Sex and the City” type restaurant on Purdy Avenue close to The Green Monkey Yoga studio.  It’s a great place for brunch …. if you’re not in a hurry.  The wait staff was friendly, if a bit forgetful. They forgot (twice) to bring the birthday girl’s cake (which we waited almost an hour to get) but besides that, it was a pretty good brunch experience.

Ashley, the birthday girl, Naomy and her daughter Jazmin

The French Toast Brioche was mouthwatering.  It was light, fluffy and sweet, the perfect combination on an overcast Saturday morning.  Every brunch meal they brought out looked beautiful. I wasn’t impressed that they charge you for coffee refills but I guess that’s to be expected for cafe con leche.


There was so much french toast that I was farming it out to the other girls at the table.  One piece was enough to stuff me.


Ashley, our friend Ivette and her son, Luis

This restaurant is not vegetarian (and Vegans for sure will have a hard time eating here) but they do offer many Vegetarian options.  All in all, I would give them 4 out of 5 carrots.  Though their forgetfulness was disappointing, the ambiance, friendliness of the server and the taste of the food won out.

For more information on The Morgan’s restaurant go to

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