China Grill Vegetarian Spice Menu

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

I’ve lived in Miami for ten years and have never taken advantage of Miami Spice.  For those of you not from Miami; Miami Spice is a event that the higher-end restaurants participate in every year.  There are about 80-100 restaurants in and around Miami that create a special menu for the price points of: $22/lunch and $35/dinner.   For some restaurants, this is an incredible deal that you don’t want to miss.

Each restaurant offers their own menu and a separate “Spice” menu for their customers.  The menu usually includes a starter, a main meal and a desert (drinks are not included).  At China Grill, regular menu items for just the entrees usually start at around $18 and go up from there, most averaging about $30.

So, for the last week of Miami Spice, a friend and I decided to check out China Grill.  The staff were very friendly and accommodating.  Most people there for lunch were ordering off the spice menu (why not for that deal!).

The only negative about China Grill’s menu is that it’s a “Share” menu.  If you have three people in your party, you split two entrees.  If one of you is vegetarian and the others aren’t, that means that you are sharing one entree with two other people while you can’t even touch their’s because unfortunately, China Grill only has one vegetarian entree option on the spice menu.  Not that I’m complaining! 😉 It was a very good mushroom and sundried tomato pasta and the Wasabi mashed potatoes were amazing.

At the end of our meal we got to share these incredible deserts!

We had a great lunch and are looking forward to checking out more restaurants next year during Spice month!

For more information on Miami Spice go to

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