Pure Food and Wine

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

I have been dreaming of going to Pure Food and Wine since I became a vegetarian.  Sarma Melngailis, the owner of PF&W, wrote, “Living Raw Food”.  I thought to myself that if being vegan and raw looked like Sarma, I wanted to be on board.

So, we follow her on Twitter and watch her posts on Facebook and I dreamt of the day I would get to sit down and eat at PF&W.  I finally got the chance this week to go in and sit down in the candlelit glow, here is what happened:

Around the Corner from PF&W

It was a rainy night in New York City, cabs were hard to find and puddles were plenty.   I finally flagged down an open cab and sped down the dark streets of Manhattan heading for Irving Street where Pure Food and Wine was located.  I paid the cab an exhorbitant amount (did you know that my cabbie from the airport actually complained that I only gave him a $5 tip?  I can remember days of giving $1 tip and them being happy about it) and ran inside.

The place itself is full of dark wood and lit by candles and low lighting, a great setting for a romantic dinner but this time I was alone.  At 7pm it was slightly empty, only a blond in the corner talking loudly to an elderly gentleman who I could tell wasn’t her father (not judging, it’s just for effect of the story).

I ordered the raw avocado and creamed corn soup though I was afraid I would be unhappy with the outcome.  I was pleasantly surprised and ate every spoonful.  The soup was creamy with lumps of corn and tasted so delicious I plan on asking for the recipe.  Three little slices of pickled carrot on top finished off this new taste.

Raw Avocado and Corn Soup

For dinner I had the Polenta with Greens which was light and tasty and filled me up enough to be almost overfull before desert came.


But not quite:

Ice Cream and Blueberry Tart

I had to try the blueberry tart and it did not disappoint.  I was licking my spoon after this.  By the time I was finished with dinner, the place had become crowded and I could see it was time to take my leave.  Those that say you can’t eat well on a vegan diet are sadly mistaken. My life’s mission is complete, I can now move on to other things like writing my own cookbook and opening my own restaurant. 😉

For more information on One Lucky Duck, Pure Food and Wine and Sarma Melngailis, please go to http://www.purefoodandwine.com.

Five carrots!

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