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September 6, 2011

Mushroom Risotto at the Bailey

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

New York Day 1

Mushroom Risotto

My first day of travel to  Manhattan finds me on Wall Street searching for a place to eat that is tasty and has ambiance (which is not hard to find in New York).
Now, I lived in New York ten years ago for about five years so I consider myself to still be a New Yorker when I come to visit. I refuse to stop someone and ask them where to eat.   Instead I wander aimlessly through the streets hoping to encounter something good.
Of course, I found a gem: On Wall Street, across from Our Lady of Victory church, lies this very manly Irish Pub called, “The Bailey”.  It’s a pub that eminates power and money.  Lunch is quite pricey with an average of $20 an entrees but it’s worth it.  The mushroom Risotto was so stinking good I had to stop myself before I hoarded it all down.
In the middle of this pub is a silver and white bull hovering over its patrons as if to remind you of a real “power lunch”.

Silver and White Bull

All around me are men (and I say men because there are very few women in here so all you single ladies, take note) in shirts and ties talking business and money.   Unfortunately there are not a whole lot of options for vegetarians but the Risotto on it’s own is worth coming here for.
So I sit and eat my risotto soaking in the power and dreaming of the day when I can invest in something more than a company retirement plan.

For more information on this restaurant, go to

September 6, 2011

The Financier wall street bakery

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

Day 1: Dessert

I would come back to this place if the food tasted sub-par.  It’s cute, has nice music, pretty pastries and exquisite staff to boot.
I walked in and instead of someone on the other side of the glass greeting me, a young guy came up beside me and asked how he could help me.  He was so nice and friendly I had to make sure he worked there and wasn’t just hitting on me!   What a great place near Wall Street to just sit and relax while you watch the world of money fly by.  It reminds me of a bakery you might find in Paris.  I tried a regular coffee and had the blueberry cheesecake pastry below that was made of real blueberries.  It was tasty and light and hit the right spot on a  rainy Tuesday afternoon.
I think the pictures say everything:

For more information on the Financier Bakery, go to their website at

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