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August 19, 2011

Pizza Fusion for Vegan Pizza

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

After months of wanting to go to Pizza Fusion to try their Vegan Cheese pizza and Gluten Free crust, we finally went last night.  The service was extremely friendly, the decor light and airy and the prices fairly normal.  This place seemed like a great place to chill on a Friday night and spend time with friends, there was even a couple near us drinking wine in rather large wine glasses.

The pizza itself was tasty, very light on the salt (but there are salt shakers there so don’t panic!) and I didn’t feel bloated and disgusting afterwards.  I chose the Spinach and Artichoke pizza on Gluten Free crust with the vegan cheese.  It wasn’t overwhelming or dripping in oil which was a healthy surprise.   We drank Green Tea which was served with Truvia packets (bravo for them). I will definitely be going back for seconds.

For more information on Pizza Fusion, it’s menu, etc. please go to  They have locations in the following states:

New Jersey
I give them four carrots for not compromising on healthy options!
*Note that the Gluten Free crust does have egg- if you are vegan, please be sure to ask for the vegan crust.
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