Primal Strips (grrrrrr)

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

I suppose something that refers to our “primal” instincts of eating meat in their Brand name should instill a moment of caution in my brain but I still reached for the Primal Strips at the grocery store to try it.

Primal Strips are Meatless Vegan Jerky made out of Soy strips or Seitan.  I chose the Mesquite Lime as I felt it would be the mildest flavored.  The look, as you can see below, is very jerky-like and in my former carnivore days, I did like jerky.

I even bought myself a “Zevia” Root Beer (fantastic, all natural and sweetened with stevia) to complete my summertime snack.  It may be that I’m too focused on the strips tasting like real beef jerky and that is where I went wrong.  I couldn’t even eat the piece in my mouth, I had to politely spit it back into a napkin and throw the rest away.  I’m not going to caution you against trying these as I think some may actually enjoy them, but I couldn’t eat it.

Becoming vegetarian/part time vegan, has allowed me to try some of the most interesting and creative foods.  Those who say vegetarians can’t eat anything are sorely mistaken.

These strips get one carrot for taste and four for creativity.

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