The Process of Making an “Apple” (Vanilla Chocolate Cake)

by jem614

By Jessica Michael 

Watch out Eve, you’ve never had so much temptation!   This little slice of the forbidden fruit gives the devil a run for his money.
Made of vanilla cake, dipped in chocolate, smothered in butter cream icing and covered in candy apple red fondant, this cake is an all around delight.  Ok, ok, it’s not vegan but she assures me that she’s ready and willing to do so if you order it and I have no doubt it will be scrumptious.

 Barbie Esquijarosa runs Unforgettable Sweets  in Miami, specializing in fondant, buttercream, cupcakes and Brownies (the perfect combination of gooey and crispy corners).  A teacher by day, mother of two and creative baker, she’s a busy woman that’s always making time for something new.
I was able to watch her work her magic on Friday night and she makes it look effortless.  In order to make her creative concoctions, Barbie makes the base of the cake and then shapes it.  For her daughters birthday recently, this enterprising mom made a Converse shoe -with SHOELACES!  It was an almost perfect replica of the iconic red shoe.

Barbie assures me that all her cakes are made with the highest quality, she will not make a cake that she won’t eat herself.  Her cakes are made to not only look great but to taste great as well (I took home some of her brownies and I can tell you that they were amazing).  Attached here is a cupcake flower pot she recently made for a shower!

Cupcake Flowers

Here is her process for the Teacher’s Apple Cake!

After shaping her cakes, she measures for the size of the cake itself, this allows her to select the right size of fondant to cover the cake.  It saves from having alot of frustration later on if it’s too large or too small.  The rest is shown below:

I couldn’t believe how cute this cake turned out and it seemed an impossibility to shape a cake like an apple! This Veg On The Run girl is impressed. To find out more information about Unforgettable Sweets, I’ve attached her card below.  As mentioned, Barbie is also ready and willing to make Vegan cakes upon request.

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