Starbucks’ New Vegan Meal Bistro Box

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

Last week I was at Starbucks (where I stay a good portion of my weekends for studying purposes) and saw that they now have a vegan meal option in their refrigerated section.  Finally!  An option besides sugar and cheese.

Again last night I found myself at Starbucks late into the evening and decided to try this new phenomenon.  After speaking with the staff, I found they were divided on whether the sesame noodles would be good cold or hot (it comes cold) but I decided to try it as it comes.  The barrista even bought me a soy Cinamon Dolce Latte for trying this new dish!

Here is the lowdown: It was interesting, filling, not bad.  I do agree this could have been better hot but it’s ok cold as well, almost like a salad.  In this meal you get: sesame covered peanuts that are delightful but a little hard – most likely because they are in the refrigerated section, a small cucumber salad side dish which is good, a square of dark chocolate, a few cubes of tofu that you can add to the sesame noodles, and some lettuce underneath it all.

I would eat it again although it’s not a destination meal, I would not go to Starbucks specifically to eat it but I’m grateful to have an option that differs from the tomato mozzarella sandwich that I love but know is not the best for me.

Incredibly, this full box only has 350 calories including the square of chocolate; and it was filling.

I give Starbucks four carrots for offering a vegan option and three for taste.

For more information on this Bistro box, go to


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