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July 8, 2011

Veganrella Cheese (Minus The Fairy Godmother)

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

I was already suspicious when I picked up this alternative cheese at Nutrition S’mart.  I was looking for Daiya cheese but they still don’t carry it for whatever reason.  I do sometimes wonder if my search for fake cheeses is warranted, am I really that desperate for cheese?  Then I bite into my grilled Daiya Mozzarella “cheese” and avocado sandwich and I remember why I can’t live without it.

The search for vegan cheese is a slippery slope, some claim to be vegetarian and dairy free but contain “casein” which is a milk derivative (Rice Cheese is included in this though they do have some vegan sliced cheese).  Others, like Veganrella, just don’t add up.

The first sign was when I tried to cut through the plastic, the cheese sliced before the plastic even broke.

The second sign?  When the cheese pulled apart like playdough.  The third sign?  When it smelled like the fake butter on popcorn at the movies.  Lastly, it melted alright but it didn’t melt cheesy, it melted into what looked like thick mayonnaise.  I can’t say that it tasted horrible, it just was kinda “eh”.  Not worth the treck to the grocery store.  I do have to give them props for trying to satisfy the weird, vegan and vegetarian people who hate animal byproducts but still want things to remind them of animal byproducts.  I agree, we’re hard to please.
All is not lost for this vegan trailblazer though. I do think this might be good for those of you that like Mac & Cheese because it is similar to Velveeta Cheese.  Try it and let us know how it works out (I’m not as in to pasta these days).  I have seen a few blogs that are raving about this cheese.  This one in particular used the Cheddar Cheese

3 Carrots for effort, 2 for Taste and 1 for Cheesiness

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