Two Ingredient Fruit Bars “That’s It”

by jem614

By Jessica Michael

With so many fruit bars on the market, it’s difficult to find one that doesn’t contain added sugars, colors, and other additives. “That’s It” fruit bars literally only have two ingredients, “Fruit and Fruit”.   As an added bonus, one fruit bar contains two servings of fruit which makes up most of your servings of fruit a day.  According to Fruits and Veggies Matter (.gov), here is what is recommended for a mildly active 30-something woman:


2 cups of fruit  and 2.5 cups of  vegetables every  day based on your  age (30’s) sex  (female), and level  of  physical  activity (30-60  minutes).

These fruit bars would probably be a lifesaver for moms and dads that have picky eaters at home. The bars are sweet without needing a sweetener and easy to take on the go.

The one recommendation I would give “That’s It” would be to change the composition.  Maybe this is a personal preference but the bars are a bit mushy and it could distract from the taste.  It would be amazing if it was more like a fruit leather, less mush, more tugging and pulling (heaven).  But this comes from a woman who’s favorite thing to do as a girl in the grocery store with grandma was getting a Fruit Roll Up.

We have to give props to “That’s It” for not compromising on the purity of fruit (you rock)!  For that reason, I wouldn’t mind picking up a few at the grocery store when I know I’m going to have a hard time getting my fruit servings that day.

To purchase these bars go to, they average about $22 for a box of 12.  If you go to their facebook site from now until July 17, 2011, you can enter the contest to win a free 12 pack!

We give them 4 carrots for purity of product, 3 for taste and 2 for texture.

(These bars are vegan, kosher, gluten free, free of additives, etc)


5 Comments to “Two Ingredient Fruit Bars “That’s It””

  1. I haven’t seen these anywhere. Where did you find them?


  2. Did you know that fruit leathers are made from purees and concentrates and more often than not are sweetened with tons of sugar???


    • I totally agree with you and we love That’s it for their purity. My only suggestion was just to maybe dehydrate it a little more as it was quite mushy. My reminiscing was more for the texture than the taste. Definitely check it out, they are a fantastic find!


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