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June 8, 2011

Falafel Gone Wrong

by jem614

by Jessica Michael


In my quest for bigger and better, I mistakenly thought I could add onions and corn to my falafels.  What I ended up with is a pot of mush.
More in the morning…..

It’s morning.  I left this disgusting mush on the stove last night after cooking because I just didn’t have the energy to throw it away.  I ended up double bagging it and tossing in the trash.  On a happier note, my husband’s meatballs and spaghetti came out fantastic (I didn’t eat it because it was real meat).

Has anyone else had this experience with boxed Falafel mix?  It may just be me and my inexperience but these did not fair well at all.  I hated to even fry them in oil so maybe it was a good thing that I didn’t get to eat much of it.  I did manage to salvage three tiny balls which I put in a thin pita with some Greek yogurt spread that mimics tzatziki sauce.  That didn’t work out well either because the falafel balls were so soaked in oil that I ended up eating mostly just the bread and throwing the rest away.  What a waste.  I do recommend trying this in the oven and maybe reading the directions better.

I’m not sure what to give this store-bought falafel mix as I didn’t wait the 15 minutes it suggested to let the water soak in (could that really have been the trick?) and I fried them instead of baked them.  I would say two carrots for ease and leave how they taste for a later date and time.

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