French Meadow-Indian with Potential

by jem614

by Jessica Michael

When I was 17, I graduated from High School and decided I wanted to save the world.  So… I went with a group to India and Nepal for two months to entertain orphans, bring food to those in prison, and hike the Himalayas. I cannot express what I learned from that trip, I will forever treasure it as the best experience of my life.

One of the things I miss the most is the food (by the way I lost like 5-10 lbs in those two months) which was something I didn’t really appreciate until I returned to the US.  While I was in India and Nepal, I could only dream of a big cheeseburger – (pre-vegetarian).  The most popular food we found when we were doing our travels was “Dal Bat” which is basically lentils and rice.  I have yet to find anything that tastes the same in any Indian Restaurant in the US.  I dream of Dal Bat, it’s so filling and spicy and fills every part of your senses.

Today, at Nutrition S’Mart, I found the French Meadow Indian Dal Makhani and was so excited to try it to see if it measured up.
Unfortunately, it was not the taste I was seeking.  This Dal is flooded with butter which is something I should have checked the label for before I purchased because I’m trying to kick the dairy habit.  It is really tasty but isn’t everything with butter? The Spinach on the other hand is kind of bland, something that could easily be remedied by using a little sea salt and garlic.


One thing I can’t complain about is the fact that they use this really nifty packaging and it steams your food instead of frying it in the microwave.  You keep all the flavor and deliciousness in there until you open it!


Overall, I think this company has alot of potential, they have other bakery products and may just be starting out on the frozen items so they could be just working out the details.  For sure they need to kick the butter out of this product, its no good for you (they do have vegan products so this may be a better option for those of you who want healthier foods).

For more information on where to find their “other” products, go to

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