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May 25, 2011

Eating like a Cow. Moo Moos Chipotle Black Bean Burrito

by jem614


I love trying new things but there are times I get scared that I’m going to waste my money on something I don’t like.  Before I reached for this Moo Moo meal (what a great name), I was thinking that maybe I should just go for the Amy’s Meals as they are familiar and I can trust their taste.  However, because we are here to try new things, into my shopping basket it went.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.  Usually I don’t like spinach tortillas, a tortilla should taste like a tortilla, not like a vegetable (yes, this is me, the vegetarian talking) but I didn’t even taste the spinach.  The corn was spiced up with real chili peppers and the burrito had things like avocado, black beans, garlic, sea salt, bell peppers, chili’s and tofu.  It tasted like a real Southwestern Burrito which is a great accomplishment for a vegetarian burrito.  It was spicy but not overly so and after a small side salad, I was stuffed.  This meal is Vegan.

Calories: 280 (wow so little)
Fiber: 7g (great!)
Sodium: 530 (eek! this is really high- can’t have any more today)
Protein: 11g (awesome)


This is what it looked like out of the microwave- you can’t see it here but the tortilla is a bit greener.  All in all, they did a great job with a frozen product.   I will definitely look for other meals they produce and try them out again.

I give them three and a half carrots only because the sodium content is really high, otherwise it would have been 4. (Edited– since reviewing the sodium content of other products, have realized that this is not that bad so I’ve gone ahead and changed to a “Four” carrot marking).

For More information on Moo Moo’s products, go to

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