Books and Books Cafe (an educated dining experience)

by jem614

It’s official, I’m a total geek for going to see authors.  Last week, Sebastian Junger was at Books and Books in Coral Gables and I threw aside all my plans to go see him.  I had just seen him on PBS discussing his movie “Restrepo” that he made with his friend that recently died reporting in Libya, Tim Hertherington.  Junger provided a very insightful view of life in war zones, I could have listened to him for hours.  Prior to the author event though, I sat down with a book about American Foreign Policy (a little light reading) and had some dinner.

Books & Books has an amazing vegetarian/vegan-friendly menu.  I chose the Tofu and Portobello mushroom couscous with balsamic dressing that is still making my mouth water.   It was just the right amount of sweet and tangy at the same time without smothering the meal.  It arrives in a huge bowl with couscous filling the bottom and the mushroom/tofu glaze on top, I only finished half of it.

Afterwards I had a nice little capuccino made from SoyMilk, it was the perfect ending to a great meal. The waiters seem a bit harried, some were very friendly, others not so much but I still had an enjoyable experience.
They do have outdoor and indoor seating and jazz on Friday nights.

Cost about $14.00 including the Capuccino and it was completely vegan.

Check out their events, they have several locations in Miami and New York!

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