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April 26, 2011

To the Moon for Luna

by jem614

Look what I got in the mail today!!  Luna Bars have been a vital part of my running routine for the last two years.  They provide the needed burst of energy when I’m wiped out after a long run (or before).  If I’m in Whole Foods, I make a beeline for the isle with Luna Bars.  I registered with them to learn about upcoming products and they have been faithful about sending me info and samples so I just wanted to to send a shout-out to them and say thank you for caring for your consumers! 🙂

Luna bars nutritional info can be found here, they are “Entirely Natural and Gluten Free”! Luna is also involved with humanitarian causes as well as promoting the health of women through exercise.  They are a fantastic company.  They get 4 Carrots!

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