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April 21, 2011

Vegan Marshmallow Peeps

by ashley

by Ashley Morgan

I recently discovered that marshmallows are not vegetarian, much less vegan. I knew that gelatin was an animal-based product, but being the oblivious omnivore that I once was, I never put much thought into it. So today, while munching on a purple Peep and telling Jessica about the exploding-Peep-in-a-microwave trick, I started pondering marshmallows.

I did a quick Google search and found various vegan marshmallow recipes (which we are hoping to test out for you in the very near future). But what I didn’t expect to see is an actual vegan Peep pre-made. A company called Sweet & Sara, based in New York, makes 100% vegan marshmallow products. From simple marshmallows to s’mores to our beloved Easter treat, the sugar-coated Peep.

I’m sad to say that it appears I’m too late to purchase any vegan Peeps this year, as they seem to have disappeared from Sweet & Sara’s website, but I’m looking forward to trying some of their other products. I will definitely be coming back to their site (or trying to find a retailer here in South Florida) to do a proper review of their products later on.

For now, my traditional Peep will have to do, but soon I’ll be digging into some cruelty-free marshmallows.

 Sweet & Sara


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