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April 18, 2011

The Apartment Farmer

by ashley

by Ashley Morgan

Eating locally is an amazing step towards a fresher, healthier and more sustainable way of life, for yourself and your community. With that in mind, what could be more local than your own balcony? I personally am a city-dweller, living right in the midst of a sea of high-rises, a true concrete jungle. However my surroundings have not hindered me from cultivating a thriving kitchen garden, while small, baring the fruits of many plants. All you need is a sunny spot, a way to irrigate (whether that be a fancy watering system or just a simple watering can) and lots of patience. I change my garden every season, planting new and exotic plants to keep me entertained. But even just a bit of green and a sprinkling flowers will brighten your mood and home. When shopping for plants, be sure to read the labels for the proper sunlight recommendations (full sun, partial sun, full shade) and choose dwarf varieties of larger plants to maximize space on your balcony. I haven’t yet been able to get one, however I would love a dwarf lime or lemon tree. The scent of the leaves is intoxicating, and the dwarf variety can easily be grown in a container. I’ve included some photos of my past endeavors in my little piece of jungle. Feel free to comment below if you need help cultivating your own kitchen garden.

April 18, 2011

Pizza Cravings…

by jem614

Hi all you crazy veggie people! It’s Jess, I have been craving pizza the last few weeks. I did give in to a Amy’s pizza this weekend but our store doesn’t have the Amy’s with vegan cheese yet so I kind of cheated.

Anyway, I love the sprouted wheat tortillas so made up my own very simple recipe-

Sprouted wheat tortillas get hard quickly so make sure the cheese is not super cold when you make this.


Organic Tomato Sauce plain (if you live in Miami, you can find this at Publix but I’m sure Whole Foods carries it too and it’s like .79 cents a can)
Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Wheat tortillas
Daiya Cheese (melts soooo good)
Oregano, Sea Salt and pepper
1 Sausage link from Tofurky (I just learned that Tofurky actually makes their own pizzas! wow!)
1 tsp Olive oil
Green/black Olives


Season the tomato sauce with the oregano, salt and pepper.
Spread a thin layer of olive oil on top of the sprouted grain tortilla and then spread the sauce on top.  Cut the olives in half and sprinkle on top.
Grill the cut-up tofurky sausage ahead of time till it’s nice and crispy and then place on top of the tomato sauce.  On top of that, place the daiya cheese.
Put in the oven on low heat so you don’t make the tortilla too hard (they get toasted fast so be careful)
Eat & enjoy – less fat, better for you!
You can put any topping you want but remember that you’re not heating for too long so don’t put anything on top that needs to be cooked- onions could be grilled with the tofurky sausage if you like them but do it ahead of time otherwise they will be crispy and too fresh (unless you like that sort of thing).

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